“ENSO” by Dushica Labovich is a world of freedom, bamboo forests, high peaks and mountain lakes, ancient villages and enlightened people who know the wisdom of the world as if it were their own possession, internal.
ENSO is an instructive story, enticing and exciting to both teenagers and adults. It gives us an insightful exploration of our paths in life, impelling us to search again for the one we knew once and allowed ourselves to forget; the path that opens in adolescence for some, later in life for others, and carries the fortunate few through all the years… ENSO is a lesson of love that we can teach ourselves. It’s a call for all of us to look within our own boundaries, embrace our souls and understand once more the world around us. The story highlights wisdom that's consciously transmitted to the viewer, as intended, for him alone. The story shows that coincidences in life aren't a reality, and that everything has its purpose. Also, it's a story filled with a sense of intrigue that persists from the beginning to the end. Philosophy and religion, the esoteric and parapsychology intertwine in the story in a highly original way. The path to pursue, that of finding one’s goal in life, the road to determining one’s own personality when one discovers what's most important in life – the unlimited possibility of love – is revealed to the viewer.

Despite the fact that the heroine in this story is blind, her world is filled with sunlight, the sounds of lakes and rivers, the wind, the scents of plants and the bright colours of China and Tibet. The strange journey undertaken by our main heroes, Denver and Po, actually reveals the mysterious journey of every man, his internal workings and his relationships with other humans, nature itself, the universe… The esoteric teachings of Denver, who is the guide in this story, guru to the girl called Po, and the one responsible for their journey, are described visually in the blind girl’s virtual world, which is thus transmitted in its entirety to the beholder.
Denver is the very model of a sage, one who has mastered all of his internal workings, has control over his feelings and stands absolute in relation to the world, whilst also being a teacher, an example, a friend and a companion to help the blind girl find her path in life. Po is modest, timid, unsure of herself and others, eager for the extension of a protective and understanding wing, and yet she is most talented, hiding her attributes even from herself, and she is at heart very brave.
Narrow and untrodden paths in the mountains of Tibet; old houses and the lives of lonely wise men; undiscovered charms and an energy transferred to our heroes through the Taj Mahal in India; a dizzying array of symbols and light cast upon their meanings. These are just some of the unexpected delights in this exciting adventure story.
Also into the world of Po and Denver a group from Britain appears, among them the young man Burton, a painter stands out. He will have a significant role to play for Po, in the way in which he presents the wider world. He will highlight the upheaval brought about by indecision when she finds her heart torn at a crossroads, ultimately separated from her beloved guru when she reaches London.

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