Secret of a Bridge Kindle Edition

The Italian passion! Way to treasure! Way to love!
Passion in the life of an ordinary young man!
“Secret of a bridge” by Dushica Labovich.
The story of Antonio, the hero of this allegorical fairy tale, is a story about the real world, about his innocence and misconceptions, about discovering the most valuable secrets of existence, of which one is of invaluable: „It’s never too late to know the souls of other men, but before that, it is much more important to know your own.“

The lesson of his journey is very reminiscent to the words from the book „The Little Prince“: „I shouldn’t have listened to her. One should never listen to roses. One must admire them and breathe their fragrance. Mine perfumed all my planet, but I did not know how to enjoy her.“
Since our birth, our hearts are filled with imagination and energy so unusual that to us it looks like we can build bridges and cities. But there are few who can actually reveal the secret and essence of those same bridges and cities! For that one has to cross a long path in life, changing with every turn and every encounter, to teach himself to listen, accept and be grateful for the precious crumbs of wisdom that, at chosen crossroads, destiny gives us. However, this story tells us something entirely new, something completely different and more acceptable, and again, something we forgot after childhood: „Listen to your heart. Only then, on the path to fulfilling a dream, there cannot be any obstacles.“
By opening this book, you enter a magical world that can certainly point toward discovering the secret of all those bridges and cities you imagine through life.

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Antonio, the hero of this allegorical fairy tale, grows up with his father and from an early age listens to stories about famous bridges, as well as personal bridges that every man can build. His dream of building his own bridge is so rooted in his blood that, as a young man, he wants to accomplish it.

    After leaving his father’s home, he meets a snake on the road and she teaches him the most precious lesson in life: „Listen to your heart and on your path to fulfilling your dream there will be no obstacles.“

    After speaking with the snake, in the port of Palermo on the coast of Sicily, he gets his first job, something he never even thought he would do. The path to opening his soul to the world is revealed to him by a seagull, in which he turns into for a moment in order to understand bird language. „Only a man who understands the language of nature can understand a man’s soul“- the gull told him.

    From an old fisherman he learns many life lessons and one of them touches his heart: „It’s never too late to know the soul of people, but it’s far more important to know your own before that.“

After the accident, which befell him in Palermo, Antonio dares to sail across the sea and settles on Greek islands, where his idea of building his own bridge, which will make him proud in front of the whole world and his father, becomes more founded.

    In the struggle for life, following the voice of his heart, the young man does good deeds and in a realistic and reasonable way manages to become rich. In times of sadness, disappointment, pride and happiness he meets beings with those names that introduce themselves in the form of people and explain existential questions, still vague to him, about the meaning of relationships between people, between man and the world and with oneself. Moreover, during a conversation with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and then with the wind, a golden ring, the sea and sky, the young man discovers and again understands the importance of love, success, falling and getting up again, and faith in yourself and the world.

    The quest for his dream takes him to India, where in a quarry in which he wanted to make a rock for his own bridge, he realizes the most important thing on his path: „Only one thing makes it impossible to fulfill one’s fantasy - the fear of going further after defeat“…

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