An unofficial guide to love and trust;
A romantic story and family drama;
A tale about female strength.

Set in beautiful castles in the middle of the twentieth century, this is a story about Doris Rose the daughter of an English oligarch who cannot forget the poor young man who stole her heart a long time ago when her parents forcefully separated them. But love has the power to turn the dark tragedy of their past into a miracle. Reborn as one of the richest men in England, the former poor boy from her childhood returns to her parents' lives...

Morally marred by lies, deception and secrets from her parents' past, the former mistress of Magnolia Castle, Doris Rose, is forced to abandon her wealth and join the working class. She blames the very man she secretly loves for her misfortune.

The oligarch's plans and the pride of the girl who has lost everything become the only things that tie two people who secretly love one another.

Is love stronger than hatred? Is love mightier than wealth? How will the turbulent relationship between the oligarch's daughter and the poor thief of her heart end? Are they ready to put everything at stake for the sake of love?

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